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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chicken Mayonnaise


  1. 500gms chicken legs and thigh pieces
  2. 2medium onions chopped
  3. 1tsp ground black pepper salt to taste
  4. 2tbsp chopped parsley leaves
  5. 150gm mayonnaise
  6. 1tsp butter
Boil the chicken along with the onions,half the pepper and salt.the water should just about cover the chicken
so that there is only a little water left at the end.
   Once the chicken is cooked and just a little water is left in the pan,now add butter and parsley.remove from the fire and cool.once cold,shred the chicken and mix in the mayonnaise and the remaining pepper.put into a serving dish,cover with foil and refrigerate for 1 hour and now garnish with some parsley sprigs and serve cold
with bread and  garlic butter.

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