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Monday, February 13, 2012

Zinger Burger Recipe


  1. Chicken breast piece 2 
  2. Refined flour (Maida) ½ cup 
  3. Rice flour ½ cup 
  4. Corn flour ½ cup 
  5. Baking powder 2 tbsp 
  6. Salt as required 
  7. Black pepper as required 
  8. White pepper as required 
  9. Egg (Beaten) 1 

For coating:Mix white flour, rice flour, corn flour and baking soda and keep it aside 

 Now marinate the chicken with salt, black pepper and white pepper. 

 Then brush the beaten egg on chicken (do not dip the chicken in egg), then roll it in that flour mixture and coat it well. And then repeat the procedure (first brush it with egg and then in flour mixture). (taking care that precious coating don’t get removed) 
Then deep fry these chicken pieces in hot oil, and to make it crispy cover the pan. 
  On burger, first put this chicken fillet, then lettuce and mayonnaise. And your yummy zinger burger is ready.

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